• Google Rich Snippet Integration

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    • The way in which Google and other search engines view the content of your online store can be different to what you see when you look at an individual page.

  • Google Dynamic Remarketing

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    • Professional Google Dynamic Remarketing Setup for Prestashop. Don't let your Bounced customers decrease your ROI. Start acting and regain all the lost sales with Re-marketing.

  • Facebook Retargeting Campaign Setup + Feed

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    • With the dynamic redirection of Facebook ads, retargeting efforts will only reflects the products you currently have available for purchase on your site. This is an easy way to promote the most relevant elements for each client.
  • Google GA4 Tracking Implementation + Adwords Conversion analyses

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    • Key Steps to Upgrading to GA4 Reviewing Existing Tracking Setup, Identifying Goals, and Engaging with Experts
    • Now that you're aware of the challenges and benefits of upgrading to GA4, you might be wondering how to get started. Here are some practical tips and guidance to help you make the transition
    • Before upgrading to GA4, it's important to review your existing tracking setup and data quality. This will help you identify any gaps or areas for improvement, which can be addressed during the migration process. Review your Existing Tracking Setup and Data Quality
    • GA4 offers a range of new features and tracking capabilities, so it's important to identify the goals and KPIs that you'll be tracking with GA4. This will help you make the most of GA4's enhanced tracking and machine learning capabilities. Identify Goals and KPIs
    • Planning is key to a successful migration to GA4. Start by setting a timeline for the migration and allocating resources for the transition. It's important to allocate enough time to thoroughly test the new tracking setup and ensure that everything is working as expected. Plan the Migration Process
    • Engaging with experts or partners who have experience with GA4 can be incredibly valuable. They can provide guidance and support during the migration process and ensure that the new tracking setup is optimized for your website's specific needs. Engage with Experts or Partners